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The race of manwhores should go extinct.

hey I'm Mischa and I just joined this community and might I say the creator deserves a pat on the back. This is just what I needed. And I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who would like to strangle whores until there coughing up their intestines...ok..maybe that was a tad intense there. But you get my point. anyways I'm more focused on manwhores and their malicious ways. It sucks because the worse they are the more I'm drawn to them. I just hate them, and I started my livejournal solely to warn off other chiks out there about them before its too late. they may look exciting but theyre like candy, sweet to the tongue but soon enough they make you sick to your stomach. bastards. anyways I hope I shall inspire or teach some people a lesson after awhile. one can only hope. this communitys awesome. damn the whore who uses his lure to get a score like its a chore, i'd like to pummel them into the floor. very deep poem of mine. i get a little choked up everytime i write it...feel free to visit me on my journal and do comment, i need some support.
Mischa<3 <3
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