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Unfair Addiction

Scream to me that you love me,
because all I can see is your eyes.
Whisper in my ears your feelings,
because for now all I can do is cry.
Your eyes are full of beauty.
Your hair is so long and gorgeous.
Your a sinsation that makes my heart warm inside.
Pull me out of the hole.
Un-nail me off of the fence.
Pick me up from falling.
Help me repent.
This is my addiction.
I just fell in love all over again.
With a guy who cant even tell me apart
From all his other victims...

Heres a poem ive written, a lot better than the especially deep one in my last entry here haha. Well as you can see im hopelessly addicted to the despicable essence of manwhores...and i thought i'd share. Comment me if you like it, thats what hoe hatin's all about...supportin a chicka lol.
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