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First posting WOO HOO!!!

This was taken from irc this morning.
The funny thing is that the gist of it was directed at the last guy I was dating, who happens to frequent the same channel (was in there at the time too) ... and everyone knows him, and everyone pretty much knew that I dated him, what happened, yada yada yada...
I thought it was rather amusing though...

(highlights of convo in bold)
(They were all showing pictures of their "chicks" like 5 guys in there were right before I chimed in)
[techvixen] hah, you guys are cute
[KungFuJoe] hold up
[KungFuJoe] lemme find a pic of my chick
[techvixen] the world needs more deticated guys like yall
[roguetrdr] lol
[MikeyD] no, the world needs more smart chicks
[MikeyD] then guys would be dedicated because theres actually more than pussy to think about
[roguetrdr] techvixen, when i meet a chick that i like i am totally blind to others
[techvixen] I agree with you on that one too mikey
[techvixen] yeah, I am the same way when I meet a guy
[atomic--] The amount of stupid chicks is far greater than the amount of stupid guys.
[techvixen] yeah, *our* problem is men who can't keep it in their pants
[roguetrdr] cant call her my gf just yet
[MikeyD] i really like the guys who are in committed relationships then go out and tag a multitude of others and then coems on irc and brags about it without knowing his gf is actually there watching him say these things
[MikeyD] that happened to a friend of mine in #atlanta

[roguetrdr] techvixen i have found that women my age seem to crave sex more than i do
[techvixen] oh yeah thats the WORST!
[MikeyD] techvixen: you speaking from personal experience?

[atomic--] I think if you're commited to someone... cheating is retarded.
[techvixen] yeah, I had a *somewhat* similar experience ;-)
[roguetrdr] i have never cheated or been cheated on
[techvixen] but I'd rather not talk about it

[MikeyD] dont blame you
[techvixen] it still stings
[atomic--] I know how I'd feel if it happened to me, so...

[roguetrdr] i would drop someone in a heartbeat if she cheated on me
[prick-] infidels can go to hell
[MikeyD] techvixen: this is what we call "mental defiency" with a side of "hi, im pretty fucking stupid"

So yeah, for those that didn't know, I had a run in with an internet whore/irc whore.
Not fun.
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