. (catgirl_tenshi) wrote in anti_whores,

New? Me? eeps!

Hi, I found this looking through random communities blah blah blah...

I HATE web whores, I despise MOST of the people on Faceparty...(the number one site for boring blonde sluts, Woofuckinghoo)
I will never ever understand it...Why they have to pimp themselves on the net...Can't they do it on the street corner?
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You are most welcome here.
Thanks for joining!
Hey, No worries. I want to join the "NO WHORE'S" club..
I went out today, And it's pretty damn cold in Manchester...And I see girls in like 3 inch belts....O.o
Thats just wrong.
Wrong, And....so off putting.
What was WORSE was these 9 year olds in the same skirts...
I probably sound SO old, But..What ARE the mothers doing?
Your icons are sweet :)
Hee, thanks, They're either made by Me or Lee-san, There are two made by two other people right now.
I likes making icons
their mothes are probably had them and 16 and dress like sluts too. =o
wow that come out terribly, let me try again.
Theri mothers probably had them at 16 and they dress like sluts, too.
they have too many STDs to leave their homes...either that or they're to damn ugly.

They dont seem to do that in manchester, they all come out, in packs, With tons of makeup on...Scay bitches.
Just because a person is blonde and female doesnt mean she is a whore!!!!!!
Im blonde and female.
Go me.
I *AM* a slut...Just to one person.
Besides, Most of those kinda people are blonde.Gives blondes a bad name.
you're awesome! I totally agree